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The Blanketeers

The Blanketeer Program is a completely volunteer program where individuals come together twice a month to sew, crochet, and/ or knit items that they distribute to the local schools, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and/or agencies that work with infants/ children. This program is housed at the NCCAA's Westside Smrt Center in Michigan City. The Blanketeers program has 6 volunteers. 

Real Services will be delivering to-go meals at the Smrt Center on Wednesdays and Fridays beginning May 6th.

​​​​​​Neighborhood Centers - Michigan City                                        
Emmett   D. Wise Community Center

1702 E. Michigan Blvd. Michigan City, IN. 46360
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We have operated the Community Centers in Michigan City since 1966 offering community activities which include but not limited to: 
· Senior congregate feeding program M-F
· Meeting friends and neighbors
· A place to conduct community meetings
· Community computer accessibility 
· Rental of center available to the general public
· Volunteer opportunities
· Summer Youth Program
· Information about activities such as health screenings, trips, and other available services

2019 NCCAA Summer Youth Program began on June 10th, 2019.

The Wise Center, which now has a new Center Manager, Brian Thomas, celebrates birthdays on a monthly basis. Once per month they celebrate all of the children who have a birthday that month.

Below is a picture from the March 2019 celebration. In the picture you can also see the fun new colors the center has been painted.



​​​NCCAA 2018 Summer Campers learn about gardening
A garden has been planted on the westside at the Smrt Community Center located at 301 Grant Street to promote healthy nutrition.  Purdue Extension Service and the LaPorte County Unity Foundation have partnered with North Central Community Action Agencies, Inc. in this effort.  Produce from the garden are available to all westside residents. ​

​The after-school program, “The Benefits of Active Learning,” at the Emmet Wise Community Center ran from 2/5/18 and concluded on 3/7/18.  The program was funded in part by the LaPorte County Unity Foundation.  The program was well-attended by the 17 registered students, of the 17 attending, 15 had perfect attendance and the other two had only one absence each.  This is very encouraging considering the many other activities the youth are involved with. The curriculum used was “More Activities That Teach” by: Tom Jackson, M.Ed.  Some of the lessons and activities presented in the curriculum involved Critical Thinking, Decision-Making and more.  We had one activity that the topic area was “Problem Solving.”   The lesson to the youth is to have the ability to visualize a problem and create a solution, which are not innate abilities within many of our youth.  Working with a partner to verbalize ideas and make decisions regarding problems are skills that must be developed in our youth.  The “Method” used were to “design” & “build” a “raft” in 7 minutes using straws and masking tape and see if it would float with pennies added on to it.  They had to “decide” and “agree” on how many pennies they could add and have the raft still float. The Wise Center has projects on display of some of the activities that were part of the curriculum.  Four volunteers assisted the staff during the program.  Also, the youth enjoyed the meals served during the program and the incentives given at the end of the program.





​​​Center Programs

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