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Home Weatherization Program

1702 E. Michigan Blvd
Michigan City, IN 46360
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Weatherization Housing Manager-Leon Hoss

Weatherization Assistance compliments Energy Assistance by providing services to families that will make their home more energy efficient, in turn, lowering heating costs. The program tailors work performed and client education to meet the needs of each household.  Sealing air leaks, insulating, and other energy efficiency repairs are among the improvements availble  to single and multi-family dwellings.

Services available to single and multi-family dwellings include (but are not limited to):

· Repair/Clean & Tune/Replace furnace
· Repair/Clean & Tune/Replace water heater
· Furnace & Water Heater vent repair
· Blow insulation in attics & sidewalls
· Check & seal leaky heat ducts and returns in non-living space
· Sealing air leaks & by-passes in attics & basements
· Refrigerator Testing
· Gas Stove Testing (for carbon monoxide)
· Client Education
· Carbon Monoxide Testing & Alarm
· Install Smoke Alarms & Compact Fluorescent light bulbs
· Clothes Dryer Venting
· Adjustment of windows & doors
· Other Health & Safety Issues

Households must qualify for assistance according to family size and income (same application as Energy Assistance).

Home Energy Audit
Each home receives an initial evaluation by an Energy Auditor to determine which repairs are needed based on the workmanship standards determined by the State of Indiana, as well as what measures will provide the greatest energy savings in the home.